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Re: Kubi Nage???

Manuel Aldunate wrote: View Post
Please if someone can tell me how to perform this technique, because Yudo Kubi nage seem to be different from the aiki way of applying it.

I founded this...
KUBI NAGE? Nasty. I know a technique different from the one in the video by this name. Basically, you grab UKE's head and twist. It sure looks like a killing technique to me.

Rick Stickles does one on his Expo ( demonstration. You also see it discussed in Crane and Crane's Aikido in Training, book and Lost Technique vid (maybe lost because it's pretty dangerous.)

Alex Evonosky wrote: View Post
That video is so embarrasing... No wonder Aikido has a bad name.
When we do this technique, uke is coming in at full speed and is usually airborne by the time he/she hits the mats.
What was so bad? It was teaching speed.

This video somewhat looks like a Sumi otoshi, as opposed to a kubi nage.
I think of SUMI OTOSHI as going outside of UKE. Going inside like this I would call KOKYU NAGE. But then, all our organizations have their own names for these things, don't they.

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