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Bruce Baker
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Three points, on one meridian

I will no longer answer any questions or personal responses.

The point of this was to make you aware that when you create pain with a joint lock, wrist twist, remove someones hand by grabbing under a wrist ... you are near two pressure points.

It take three to take away someones physical power, or in some cases, knock them out.

If you study what pressure points are causing pain ... on what meridian they are on ... you then have a choice of learning the third point that will cause a knockout.

Physical anatomy of different people may or may not have access to all pressure points, or some physiology of certain people, asian/black/european/ women/men, do not have certain points in their body or they respond slightly different. Within general proven points we use in Aikido, there is over a 90% proven effectiveness in the pain submissions used.

Use them. They work.

Look for the third point on a meridian.

Does this mean there is more to Aikido than some teachers teach today?

I hope so. O'Sensei took all he could from where ever he could learn, and this is the legacy of ten thousand years of fighting arts in our Aikido.

For those that get it, I will see you down the road.

For those that do not, goodbye.
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