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Re: No rank - no titles : well started now

In the mean time, I did not only got my 3rd kyu but also my 2nd kyu (yesterday). Between these two tests there were 23 month, so I really needed to work on myself - less about learning details of techniques but very much about perceiving my partners' power, direction, ability to react on my action and last but not least developing sensitivity for myself (posture, (non-)intention, etc.

I am far away from satisfatory skills (sometimes I think I could be satisfied, though), but I felt a lot of improvement, and not the least reasons seem to be the two weekend seminars, I could see Ikeda Hiroshi sensei, whom I met in May this year in France and in August in the Netherlands.

A weekend with him is by far not enough, but if you are able to deepen the little ideas you might have soaked in, it can be an enormous step forward.


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