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Originally posted by ca
Hi Bujin,

I think you misunderstood me, which is understandable, since English is not your primary language, and your English is better than my German-- nonexisitant-- (and about the same as my Russian). If you go back and read my post again, you will see I said MY opinion was personal (it is), just mine (it may be), and not based on anything important (to anyone else, to me my thoughts and beliefs are important).

I said it was MYopinion that budo was not about fighting, that it was MYopinion that Aikido is about overcoming ourselves, not others (you obviously disagree, but I am entitled to MY opinion, and it CAN be different from yours), that in MYopinion Colin Powell is a great warrior (and he is in MY opinion doing a good job of it, and his position, by trying to broker peace within the framework of an administration that is seeking war, you of course can form your own opinion).

I am sorry you did not understand and that it bothered you. Feel free to think Aikido is about fighting, to you it is, to me it's not.
Dear Colleen,

1.Yes, indeed I overlooked that it's only your opinion. My fault.
2. Perhaps I watched "The Ghostdog" too many times and therefore I think that "budo" means "the way of samurai" or something like that.
3. Overcoming ourselves (beautiful phrase) is the necessary condition of any progress.
4.I suppose that your Russian is better than mine .
5.For me the spiritual purpose of practicing aikido is as important as its practical side.
The most important is whether your aikido works or not. Anything else doesn't matter that much. But, of course, it's only my opinion.

Best regards

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