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Can I take a moment to remind people that, although this is the "Open Discussion" forum where any topic may be discussed, the same forum rules as in the other forums including "Treat your fellow AikiWeb Forums members with respect" still applies?

I know that there are some "controversial" subjects that are currently being discussed which I think is great! But, please do approach your discussions with a modicum of civility, tact, and diplomacy as well as a healthy dollop of respect.
I wrote the above over five years ago and I want to remind everyone here in the Open Discussions forum to read it again.

I'll be honest and say that the manner in which people are posting here in the Open Discussions forum, especially in the political threads, has been very disappointing. The conduct I see repeated day after day, post after post, really makes me shake my head. Where is your respect? Where is your dignity?

Stop stooping to baiting each other with snide little personal comments. Discuss the issues, not the persons and personalities involved in the discussions. If you can't conduct respectful, mature discussions here on AikiWeb, please do me a favor and take your discussions elsewhere.

I'm really getting tired of it all, folks.

-- Jun

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