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Re: Aiki Doh's

I was not thinking much of how to tie our belts before this one...

During my nikkyu grading, my belt fell off.
My sensei was looking. My friends were looking.
Everybody was looking. I got lost in that thought
I didnt notice they were giving me friendly stare.

I didnt want to piss off the grading officer or my uke,
I had to finish demonstrating I knew the techniques,
I thought I`d better put my belt back really quickly !

Ah, I was stressed ! I tried once, twice, and could not put my belt
back. Really strange. What my hands had been doing automatically hundred of times,
they could not do.

I realised that my frantic efforts were not helping much,
and that I had completely forgotten how to tie my belt.
I realised I was stressed and should do something about it,
like ...listening to what my sensei had been telling me for so long...

I gave up on trying and trying with no result,
I took a good breath, and tied a big ugly knot,
with some of my belt still lying on the mat, and continued as if nothing had happened ( and trying not to step on my belt).
I felt much better ! ( and I did not trip over my belt ).

I finished...and passed.

Still hearing people remembering that day..."ah, you were the one with the belt..."

Have a good day !

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