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Hi Bujin,

I think you misunderstood me, which is understandable, since English is not your primary language, and your English is better than my German-- nonexisitant-- (and about the same as my Russian). If you go back and read my post again, you will see I said MY opinion was personal (it is), just mine (it may be), and not based on anything important (to anyone else, to me my thoughts and beliefs are important).

I said it was MYopinion that budo was not about fighting, that it was MYopinion that Aikido is about overcoming ourselves, not others (you obviously disagree, but I am entitled to MY opinion, and it CAN be different from yours), that in MYopinion Colin Powell is a great warrior (and he is in MY opinion doing a good job of it, and his position, by trying to broker peace within the framework of an administration that is seeking war, you of course can form your own opinion).

I am sorry you did not understand and that it bothered you. Feel free to think Aikido is about fighting, to you it is, to me it's not.
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