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Re: The Wave Motion/Theory

David Orange wrote: View Post
Tim, that looks like a karate-type form that Hiroo Sensei must have created. It seems to have elements similar to sanchin and tensho, but, obviously, is neither of those. This was not included in Minoru Sensei's yoseikan. His katas (except happo ken) all resembled traditional judo and jujutsu forms. Since Hiroo is a master of wado ryu (and, I think, some other karate styles), his approach seems much more strongly influenced by karate and this form looks to me like something he developed, himself.

As to whether it's typical solo training for yoseikan budo, I'd have to say, from my encounters with Hiroo Sensei's system, it looks pretty typical.

Hope that helps.

Best to you.


Thanks. The video was interesting to me specifically because it resembled some Okinawan karate I have seen. I would guess (and could be wrong later-- I'm okay with that) that he's using the attributes/strength from that conditioning to power his other movements. Sort of like what some people are trying to do now with the sanchin they are learning from Ushiro Kenji.

I really like what I've seen of Yoseikan Budo, from the perspective of integrating weapons, grappling and striking.
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