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Well, this is just one very personal, not based on anything important opinion,
Iīm afraid youīre wrong, Colleen. No one has the right to call in question personal experience of someone else. My aikido practice is as important as yours. This is what I call free thinking.
Secretary of State Colin Powell comes to my mind a lot lately. Definately a modern warrior.
He is both poor warrior and poor secretary of state. Bad example.
Its interesting how often in these forums and in class we ask "will this work on the street?"
And this frequency is meaningful. We cannot look at aikido as if it was something idealistic, quasi-philosophy or quasi-religion. Oīsensei was a real fighter in his times. He did not avoid fighting. Ask anyone of his students, if you donīt believe me.

If done correctly, ALL Aikido techniques are kokyu nages.
Nikyo can be also kokyu nage, if you want it. Thatīs right.

Best regards

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