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Re: Wave Motion Theory

Dan Austin wrote: View Post
It looks like you will spread this pollution in any thread if you can crowbar angular momentum into the discussion. Why not join in and discuss how to do something? If this fetish of yours hasn't given any results, you're wasting everyone's time with these eyesores. I can certainly skip them, but just FYI it comes across as a really sad cry for attention.
How to do something? There is simply doing or not doing. Rob, Mike, Dan and I agree on one thing, at least -- DOING anything does not happen here. The HOW of what is done can be discussed in terms of the principles underlying what is done. Understanding the principles does happen here if approached openly.

The only way to understand anything is find it yourself. Since I do not write for your benefit, how I come across is of no consequence to me, but apparently concerns you more than it should.

"How" is about extending what we are doing to other things than what we have done. That is what I am doing. Some may find this way suitable, others not; if not, what I write and think about is not intended for you. I leave you whatever path seems best to you, with my blessings. A mental landscape that can interest itself in a theory involving waves, directly invites my observations. One can only pretend to imagine angular momentum as a fetish and pollution to that discussion, unless from a position of ignorance. Experience alone is limited by that experience. Experience informed by principle leads to novel experience. Takemusu.


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