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Re: Wave Motion Theory

Dan Austin wrote: View Post
You gotta be kidding me. This sort of rant belongs on alt.physics.boredomcoma.lookatme.lookatme. Can we get back to martial arts please?
An honest question. But what do you imagine martial art is? If you cannot reliably disassemble the rifle and reassemble the rifle, understand the components of its operation that are likely to foul, bend, break and need cleaning or replacement (burnishing our arms and our training is the constant work of the warrior) -- you have no business bearing that rifle in a combat situation. In which case -- more training and more understanding is necessary.

One may choose to study one aspect of warfare more intensively than another. But dismissing any area of relevant knowledge is simply unwise. Any misunderstood detail or principle of action can literally mean life or death. Martial art therefore admits of no aspect of the understanding of its action that is not worthy of intensive study. Anything less is just performance art.

Someone starts a thread on "Wave motion theory" and angular momentum intrinsically applies to that discussion and I bring that discussion to the table. I do not have to justify my approach. I did not invent the idea of this path -- the Founder himself did. Argue with him, not me. And good luck with that.
O Sensei - Budo wrote:
If he comes with ki, strike with ki; if he comes with water, strike with water; if he comes with fire, strike with fire. Think about such things and their relationship to modern scientific warfare when you train.
O Sensei wrote:
The Aiki Path is infinite. ...In Aikido you must understand every phenomenon in the universe. For example, the rotation of the Earth and the most intricate and far-reaching system of the universe. ... The technique of Aiki is ascetic training and a way through which you reach a state of unification of body and spirit by the realization of the principle of heaven.
While there may be others, there is at least one physical concept that is in operation everywhere from the farthest limits of observation at the farthest reaches of the universe to the infinitesimal limits of the Planck scale -- it is angular momentum. It is conserved in exceedingly mysterious and counterintuitive ways, even in the understanding of modern science, and even such as Newton got it wrong in a fairly fundamental way, even in classical terms. You may not chose to study things in this way, and more power to you, but, as I said, I was not the first to go technical in this discussion.


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