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Re: Systema SpetsNaz - No Contact Combat Video

Qualifier: After watching the clips now, I'm not convinced this individual has the same level of skills as some top Systema or Aiki practitioners. There appears to be excessive conditioning on the part of the attackers like Dan was saying...

I still stand by my comment though - it can be done if you know how to properly deceive your opponent. If he doesn't react/respond, then he's leaving himself open for worse, as I happened to learn the hard way.

I actually wrote down the way it was explained to me then, to quote a portion I was told that "Usually we think of overcoming or defeating an opponent by the use of some force/violence. We can use superior overwhelming force, or we can use less force intelligently by applying leverage. We can also use an opponent's force/momentum against himself and/or use swift movement/timing to surprise the enemy and catch him off guard. Many martial arts styles and practitioners pride themselves on the use of the latter means to win. But Sun Tzu said the most skillful, preferred or admired way was to win without fighting (or using force)."

I note that he also said that warfare is based on deception.

In the end, only applied force, or the credible threat of force can overcome a committed attacker and compell him to do your will.


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