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Re: significance to testing/belt rank?

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Obviously, only one poster here has the experience of no one failing...
If my assumptions, based on my experiences, about the failure rate in the organizations I mentioned were wrong, I want to know about it so that I will have better information in the future, but it does not substantially impact the point I was making about the usefulness of such tests as a device that increases the pressure and consequences of training beyond what is experienced in everyday practice. As I already wrote earlier in this thread in response to one your posts:

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Anyway, the failure rate of dan tests is not the only issue I mentioned. Although increasing the possiblity of failure would also increase the pressure and create more adverse consequences for a bad performance, I still don't think it would come close to what you would experience in a real fight as long as we are talking about the the extremely compliant ukemi that is typical in most organizations. If you let people start to really attack then maybe you might have the beginnings of something useful.
The fact that such tests are just performances from a catalog of techniques that would not work except on compliant ukes who have been properly trained to fall is much more important from my perspective than the issue of whether anyone fails such tests.