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Timothy WK
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Re: The Wave Motion/Theory

If you re-read my post, I acknowledged that wave-like actions were possible. It's the whip analogy I have difficulty accepting.

Mike, I get idea of "pulsing" from your center into the hand. But I have some honest questions:

When you "pulse" from the center, does the power/energy travel from the body down the arm to the hand? Or is the entire movement a coordinated, simultaneous action? What I mean is, back in my karate days, I would snap my hips, then a split-second later the power/energy would transfer to my arm and my hand would start moving.

After you, err... "pulse outward" with your center, do you actively "retract"? Back in my karate days---and earlier in this thread---it was advised that one should pull the hand or foot backwards after the strike. (There's a certain tactical advantage to this, but it's hard for me to see how it contributes to power generation.)

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