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Re: significance to testing/belt rank?

Karen Wolek wrote: View Post
The last time I watched dan tests at a USAF seminar, six people failed their test. Four shodan tests and two nidan tests failed.
Do you know why these people failed? Did they know the techniques and perform them to a substandard level, or did they simply not know the techniques. Were there other problems? Also, do you know if those who failed were direct students of one of the testers or students of someone else?

I don't remember the exact number of tests, but that six was probably around 25% of the tests that day.
Would you say it is typical for this number to fail at every test, or only occasionally? For example, if this percentage failed at only one test in four, assuming the same number of applicants each time, the overall failure rate would be closer to 6%. Even that is higher than I had thought, though. Based on the information in this thread, perhaps an estimate of 10 to 20% would be more accurate.

My sensei also told me about one time where EVERYONE failed at a dan test.
I have heard of that too but not any time recently.