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Re: The Wave Motion/Theory

Sounds like interesting stuff Dan,

The wave movement I've seen, is when you really break it down, simply an open/close of the major joints of the body(Btw, anyone in the know, don't shoot me, this is a huge huge oversimplification ). You can parody the skill in certain ways and this is probably why a lot of people missed the mark in gaining these skills.
Case in point, the shotokan hipsnap, certain systema guys thinking just waving the chest produces KO power etc...

When someone with a body that's conditioned in the manner that's been discussed in previous threads, the "open/close" of the major joints (namely the scaps and pelvic girdle) can create tremendous power. This open/close of certain joints can be likened to waving, but it can also be a "shake", a "tremble", "vibration" etc. That's not even adding in other elements like slamming the diaphram/koshi area down into your foot etc.

Anyways, Ark shows plenty of "wave" like demonstrations of how to use the body. He often says, once you have the right "body", most of this stuff will come naturally. First thing to do is to condition the body so it becomes connected. Then you can start to talk power generation.

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