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Re: significance to testing/belt rank?

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Where were you at the USAF Winter Camp 2000, 2002 and 2003? I was there and people were failed.

Where were you at the USAF Yudansha Seminar in 2006. I was there and people were failed.

Where were you at the seminar in Montreal this year? I heard a few people were failed there.

In my eight years of aikido, I've seen people get failed at the dan level and within my own dojo, too. It happens.
Thanks for the information. I certainly haven't been to every USAF seminar in the past eight years, nor did I even necessarily watch the tests at every seminar I attended (I find them rather boring), but I still have been to a lot of seminars and seen a fair amount of tests over the years. Since your experience is different than mine, I'm curious what would you estimate to be the overall failure rate for 1- to 3-dan over the past several years in the USAF? For example, you mention failures at the winter seminar in 00, 02, and 03. Would it be correct to assume that you also attended in 01 and 04-07 and that everyone passed in those years? Adding up all of the people testing over those years, even just at that seminar, what percentage would you say failed? If you think the failure rate is different at each rank, that would be interesting to know as well.