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Smile Good Point

I'd say to some of us, budo is not about fighting, or about not fighting.
I agree wholeheartly with this. I could fight before I got into aikido, I started training to learn something about myself not to become a better street fighter. If thats what I wanted out of martial arts I probably would have taken a "jutsu" style that emphasizes injuring or killing opponents.

Its interesting how often in these forums and in class we ask "will this work on the street?" While I agree its fun to play the 'What If' game, at times it seems (to me) to get out of hand in the forums. PPL bickering back and forth about who's 'What if' is a more accurate or likely in a street situation.

If you really want to know "does technique x actually work against attack y" then go out and start issuing challenges like in feudal Japan. Thats the way Musashi determined what worked and what didn't. Take a look deep inside and ask yourself why you are in MA's, ie. aikido.

Might have gotten a little off subject, sorry. Just something I had to get off my chest.


To secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself. - Sun Tzu
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