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Re: Aikido Vs. Jujitsu (brazilian)

Don Magee wrote: View Post
This is my favorite part about sparing. This kind of resistance is not possible. If he ignores the strike to the head, he gets punched in the head.

Of course I agree with you that in static drills it is possible to lock out a partner. Anytime you know what is coming you should be able to defend it. This is where the honesty of giving a good solid attack comes into play. If your attack is committed and the right attack for the drill, the kuzushi and technique should fall into place. I

n my example however, I was referring to someone doing an awful technique. Lets say like you throw a punch, they spin around, take the strike in the kidneys and then tell you that you should be on the ground with a broken hand. (Making up the most insane bad technique I can think of.). Or maybe something more real, they grab your punching hand with both of their hands, then step towards your free hand without taking your balance. Then they pull the arm expecting you to topple over their body into a nice break fall. Assuming this is a black belt, would you stand there with a funny look on your face, throw a fake punch with your free hand, punch them in the face, or take a nice dive over their back into the best breakfall you can muster?

Of course you and I both know that taking the dive is not teaching anyone anything (unless your breakfalls need serious work). Yet by standing there, you defeated his technique. just like escaping that triangle and passing the guard, or using a jab cross to setup a nice hook, or throwing a leg kick to prevent takedowns while trying to get into the clinch.
hello don
I agree with you about the punch in the face, if you blatantly ignore it, you will have a fat lip (from form work or sparing).

About your example I assume we are talking from form work and about a technique we have practiced before and that is functional. (ie that has entrance isolation/control/technique).

I would take the fall at least the fist time, and tell my partner that the technique was not really on. And if he agrees we can try to work that out at the next iteration of the technique. (May be he is working on a specific part of the said technique. or he may be an arse and not being worth the energy)

And yes resisting at that stage is exactly the same intent as the counter you mentions, just in a more controlled environment than free sparing. I think you still missing all the entrance startgy and tactics that you can explore in free sparing but you can integrate those elements in kokyu nague /randory.


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