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Hi There,
I may be moving to N Ca. later this year. I was wondering if I could get some recommendations on great dojos in various areas? I've checked out the dojo search, but obviously there are quite a few dojos in N Ca. (anywhere from Monterrey to Marin County including the East Bay)

While I enjoy many styles of Aikido, I'm really looking for a fairly traditional Aikikai dojo which teaches suwari-waza, hanmi handachi, as well as standing techniques, kumi jo/tachi, and jo/tachi dori. I'm looking for a place that offers classes at least 5 days a week, and one with an outstanding sensei (probably godan or higher, although there are some great sandans out there . . .).

I'm fairly flexible as to location since quality of dojos would be one of my first criteria in choosing a location (how lucky can you get :->), although accss to the ocean and to San Jose or San Francisco (not daily) will be important.

Any input/ideas would be appreciated. And I'm not suggesting the above spec is a "good" dojo. I've trained in a range of dojo's including Tomiki - its just what I'm personally looking for at my "home" dojo.

Thanks in advance,
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