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Re: Aikido Vs. Jujitsu (brazilian)

Interesting thought about winning and losing.

Does this not also exist in the kata?

I mean kata falls into one of two categories.

1) My partner lets me do the technique. This assumes I will be successful and helps in the intro stage, but teaches me nothing about how to apply the technique.
2) My partner resists the technique in a number of ways. Attacking on balance, grabbing stronger, using muscle, whatever the case my be. At this point he is resisting me and I am either going to fail, or overcome him. No different then a sparing match. So attempting to stop a technique from happening at all is just as much 'competing' as competition. Yet, how many of you would argue that if someone was doing the worst technique you have ever seen that you should take the fall anyways and make him think he is being successful?

You would point out his flaws in some way and help him grow? This is what sparing is doing, only at a higher level then that. It also allows both sides to be uke and nage at the same time. This allows that pressure of 'realism' and helps us learn to deal with the other, non technique parts of conflict.

- Don
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