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Re: Aikido Vs. Jujitsu (brazilian)

Salim Shaw wrote: View Post
You totally missed what Don was indicating. It's about effectiveness, not winning or losing. The MMA methodology has already proven the inherit fallacies of many martial arts. It's about using what works, learning it well and testing it in a fight. It's has been tried and tested over and over and over again. Get in the ring man, let's see what you've got.
Been There Done that Salim...You???

Sorry Bro No You Tubes....LOL

There is only one measure of effectiveness...

Are you alive??? If you survive an ecounter without serious injury or harm your technique is effective...And in Aikido if you manage not to cause undue harm to your adversary then you have achieved perfect effectivness...

Any Martial Art Taken Seriously... With Hard Practice... is effective 95% of the time...

Shifting the argument back and forth between Techniques... Instruction... Sparring.... Non Sparring... does not avoid that simple fact...

Aikido is about Resolving Conflict... Not Fighting...

In that sense I use it successfully every day...On the rare occasion the altercation becomes physical... My practice has not let me down...Ever...

By the way Salim The ring has little to do with real life...Unless Life is an MMA Contest...

Your Martial Practice is up to you...

Like I heard my first day of Ranger School back in the day.

Ranger!!! You want to run with the Big Dogs!!! You better start peeing on the Big Trees!!! Else You better get back up on the Porch with the Puppies!!!

Anyone who Knew SSG Swackhammer and Survived the Pit with him knows what I am talking about... The Hammer's Forearms were bigger than most men's thighs...LOL

Now days I spend most of my days under the porch in the shade... old dog that I am...


William Hazen
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