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Re: Aikido Vs. Jujitsu (brazilian)

Hello William, Don

I am not sure that you are presenting a different argument.

As William said MMA was present since the classical Greek (and it is probably more a matter of available archaeology that an actual time limits
You will find BJJ strategy all over the weapon and wrestling manual through the ages.

Get position and from that position so something tat will either finish the match or give you a better position.

Well that is exactly what the medieval German call fighting in the VOR (I.E the before)
And you can transpose that to Fiore dei libery, or Italian, Spanish, English rapier guards vs guards. Basically each guard opposed to the other is just gaining the position.
Or to the true times and true places of Georges Silver
The medieval wrestling motto throw him and pin him on the ground (whilst keeping hand free) is what you want to achieve, use Strike and bone breaking when you need to.

So we have it written in Europe since the 15th century. You do need grappling and striking.

The big difference between ancient manual and traditional martial arts, and this is what MMA is really demonstrating. It is not about technique or physical abilities of the individual. Those are just there to support a strategy and tactics.

We can not really say that striking arts are not good, nowadays in MMA good strikers can keep wrestlers at bay until they are in a good position to finish of the fight.
It is that you are missing something in your striking art if you do not have methods/tactics to prevent to be grappled (and enables you to get up and/or to be able to strike from there if that happens)


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