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Re: Aikido Vs. Jujitsu (brazilian)

Hello Salim, Leon
Even if I would not go as far a William, because I believe that some ways of practicing aikido is not really martially orientate, I would still lean his way on this arguments.

I am really puzzled at you post Leon because you are taking the Mickey out of an explanation that is exact embodiment of the argument you present.
You are irritated by statement like "We do not particle aikido with martial efficiency as our main objective, we are interested in the more spiritual side of thing"
Well spotted Miss Marple, yes strangely enough that is not going to be necessarily reliable in the ring, is it. Which is just as well because they are very unlikely to end up there in the first place and second that irritating statement clearly states that going in the ring is not the main objective.

I am 100% in agreement with Dan on the ideas that a "grappling art" alone leaves you upon, regardless if we are talking ring or self defence. (And striking arts alone as well for that matter)

And this where I may disagree with William but I have definitely seen aikido practices (it varies within styles, so it is not really a style question) where atemi were frowned upon as a method. There was a debate about that on this forum a few months ago.

I remember a conversation with Dan and roman on another thread about the quality of atemi (I.e. how often you do train to deliver them with power), and that aspect is to be taken in consideration as well. As well as it is probably worth considering that some of us are trained or are still training in striking arts.
And for us rightly or wrongly, that striking comes under the umbrella of aikido whereas an argument can be made of that striking being a different art but that is really a dog chasing its tail type of debate.


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