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Re: Aikido Vs. Jujitsu (brazilian)

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Maybe it's worth pointing out they are both limited in scope. Nether offers a complete system for fighting. Train in both, love them both for what they are. Then, train to blow them both up.

At a certain point in time everyone needs to -not- fall in love with their art- forsaking all others. At a point your single goal should be to stand back, look at what you do and know, and all those around you, and make it your purpose in training to learn every, single, weakness, in every single teacher you know. Look at them as so much meat. Don't buy anything they tell you. Be predatory in mind and action. It may help to see things more even handedly.

BJJ, Aikido, Daito ryu, Wrestling, are all limited venue grappling. While all may be wonderful and a blast to do-many could be in for an awakening. When you meet someone who can use elbows, knees, head butts and strikes and can deliver them with skill and power, and who UNDERSTANDS and is versed in what you are going to be trying to do can be rather interesting. When they can prevent you from using your R'epertoire while they deliver theirs can quite the eye opener. There's nothing like having your ribs or nose broken while you are "trying" for a set up tp some lock, throw or choke, to make you wake up and smell the coffee.
Everyone should make note of the fact that an American wrestler beat Royce.....with? The ground and pound. And Greco Roman wrestling with knees and strikes has been the reigning king in several weight classes., and dirty boxing beat -them- both at times.
When style limitations go out the window -styles no longer win-people do.
So, its pointless to keep thinking of what ART can beat what ART. Its stupid. No art beats an art. People who are well versed in different venues and use their brains, and train in full resistance win. Not some art.
See the arts, and more importantly these so-called artists and teachers for who and what they are. Keep trying a bunch of things, even if you fell in love with one art or another and doggedly work at making a

The Best Post I have seen in years with regard to the " This VS That" Fallacy.

Bruce Lee ( One of my Heros') felt exactly the same way.

Another Generation Another Learning Curve.

Thank You Dan.

William Hazen

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