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Re: Aikido Vs. Jujitsu (brazilian)

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Its one of the favorite topic in our DOJO. What can an AIKIDOKA do with a BRAZILIAN JUJITSU practioner?

My opinion (READ: OPINION) Technique wise Aikido is really rich compared to the B Jujitsu. It will be hard for a B Jujitsu to tackle down a well versed AIKIDOKA.

I have tried to spar with a B. Jujitsu practioner and has indeed proven this. He tried many times to knock me down and he just could not get a hold on me. I simply blended with him and he always end up in the mat. He asked me numerous times did you trip me? I said no. On the ground with the B Jujitsu on top of me ( We started with me lying down) I was able to do both IKKYO and NIKKYO on one of the hands holding me down. Once I have done this I just rolled over still holding his hand. We ended up with me in the kneeling position while the guy is on the floor still PINNED.

With my back on the mat, I learned that an Aikidoka should be aware of the following things:

1. The punches - with your back on the mat it will be hard to parry it, one should be fast to apply the locks. faster than the punches. Try not to keep his head close to yours if you want to avoid the punches. See number 3
2. The leg locks - don't let them do this.
3. The hold that makes your head closer to his - I had a hard time applying the locks under this position. I pushed his head first then applied the lock.
4. If all things fail in real life don't forget to gouge the eyes and bite into their ears or any part of the body for the matter.

I was suprised of the result. I said a while ago about a WELL VERSED AIKIDOKA, I am far from that. Don't get me wrong about that statement,I only meant " If I can do it, a not so well versed Aikidoka what more can a well versed one do?"

On the other hand I think It will be B Jujitsu all the way if ever an Aikidoka is in on the mat on all fours with the B Jujitsu on his back. One has to avoid that from happening.

Then again the end result will still be on the practioner.

Iam interested in your comments and opinions or even experience.
This kind of a post reduces Aikiweb to the level of the most ignorant poster. The question is old, too very old. The premise is wrong, so very wrong, and the ignorance is great, so very great.

BJJ is good. Aikido is good. Fighting is no good. Excessive concern over self defense is obsessive. and style vs style is stupid, unrealistic and wrong in it's premise. These kinds of discussions are a waste of time.

Sorry to be so blunt. The unvarnished truth can be rough sometimes but it saves time.


"It is the philosophy that gives meaning to the method of training."
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