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Bruce Baker
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Interrupt/previous interuption?

You mean pushing a footballsled could not be interpreted the same as O'Sensei using ki to lift a tree stump?

Or being aware of your situation/attackers could not be with ki awareness, evaluating possible training situations in aikido class too?

I guess it is all in how you percieve the depth of situation, and how you categorize it?

Gut strength is will power is ki is ...

or categorize physical motions as tactics or training methods?

I thought that is what the different kinds of training in our Aikido classes was ... drills, techniques, tactics, training methods, conditioning?

Never mind. I couldn't get those inkblots to mean anything either.

Back to the original subject ....

Depending on how you percieve benefits of mistakes, or comparative training to relate to your insight of what you wanted to do verses what happens is your ability to adapt and change within your expectation or thoughts ... and how fixated your are on the final outcome.

Sometimes ... you get it, and sometimes it just doesn't happen. Either way, did you learn something from it, or not?

If you did, then that is one less mistake you will have when you need to use it.

Simplistic? Maybe? But it applies to everything you do in life.
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