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Re: Aikido vs. Kickboxing (video)

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When you find any protective gear that will protect against broken wrists and dislocated elbows, please let me know.
I trained in Burmese Bando prior to training in Aikibudo. Burmese Bando is the cousin to Muy Thai. I trained in Bando for almost five years. While sparring with a guy, I snapped a front round house kick and dislocated the guys left arm. The kick landed perfectly. It wasn't not done intentionally, but let's face it, people will get hurt in real martial arts training. So if you have the fear factor of real training, then perhaps you need to stick to the pretty demos. I rather take the risk of injury, take some bruises and cuts, verses pretty flowery demos. Demos are rehearsed showy, look mom I'm the man and look good. I'm not interested in cool looking demos. I want to learn how to defend myself.
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