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Re: Sacrifice Throws/Stemmi in Aikido

Originally posted by MaylandL
Are there any other aikidoka that train sacrifice throws on a regular basis?

I practice them about once a week usually during free practice.

What benefits do you gain from it?

I think most attackers are caught by surprise by your willingness to go to the floor.

The added weight of your complete body behind a throw generates some extra energy for your throw.

I agree with Don on it being a last ditch chance. By adding your body to the throw you don have to worry as much on maai and timing. Or should I say, when you fail to maintain proper maai and timing for a non-sacrifice throw you can compensate by using your body.

Are there any limitations or disadvantages that you see?

Hurt like heck on concrete.

Not as usefull in multiple opponent situation.

If you mess-up uke ends up on top of you.

When should sacrifice throws be introduced in terms of the level of an aikidokas experience?

I agree with Don. Also, your ukemi has to be intuitive and sensitive to nage.

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