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Re: Sacrifice Throws/Stemmi in Aikido

Originally posted by MaylandL
1 Are there any other aikidoka that train sacrifice throws on a regular basis?

2 What benefits do you gain from it?

3 Are there any limitations or disadvantages that you see?

4 When should sacrifice throws be introduced in terms of the level of an aikidokas experience?
1 I've seen in in both dojo I've been training in here.


NAGE: The wonderful looks of horror on uke's face (but it seems like a last ditch chance to me.)

UKE: Makes you improve your spontaneity.

3 Uke recovers his feet before nage. Also, I'm a klutz so discount accordingly, but I always seem to pull uke's shin into my groin.

4. After breakfalls are mastered.

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