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Re: Aikido Vs. Jujitsu (brazilian)

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This sort of pointless discourse has been clogging Aikiweb as of late. Such "observations" and "discussions" (if can really call them that) need to move over to Bullshido, where such things are obsessed over ad nauseam...with much vulgarity, I might add.
But it's SOOO important! I know I tend to get caught up in these kinds of "discussions" so i can relate to those who perpetuate them so much. People take their passions passionately after all, and people seem to love beating dead horses (not enough glue in the world apparently). On one hand I can see the importance of letting people know the truth of a situation they're deluded about. On the other hand it's often larger on ego and shorter on perspective. If folks want to waste energy, so be it. Personally, I'm just trying to be a more articulate person and I find the difficulties of the "my art rules; your art sucks" (and variations of that) a great opportunity to practice calm and rational discourse. After a point it does become useless though, even to someone like me.

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