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Re: Aikido Vs. Jujitsu (brazilian)

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From what I've seen Brazillian Jujitsu is, all be it powerful, narrow and specialized. I come out of 12 years of a full-carriculum Jujitsu style, of which grappling is a part of the whole. Sometimes to be on the ground is stronger for you, sometimes it's stupid, but then we didn't train for the ring but the street. I'd suggest that if you're that interested (your reasons are your own) in testing yourself in this manner then you should play with a fuller-range Jujitsuka, or anyone from any other art. You will learn much...just remember to play nice.
Young bulls ram their heads into each other half the day, gaining strength and expierence, then graze together the remainder.
Compitition (yet another word perverted)is not 'evil' in and of itself, it's a tool like any other. How are you using it? Enjoy your research
I think BJJ is overrated. It works great in MMA with highly trained athletes, but even then you cannot overlook the punishment they take in order to "win" with an arm bar or choke. Personally, I would much rather learn to defend against committed attacks, grabs, and strikes; then to learn how to submit someone after they have beaten my face to a pulp. The bottom line is Aikido to me is a martial art BJJ is a sport. Both have applications for self-defense, but both are flawed. If you really wanna learn to defend yourself take a 6 week Krav Maga course.

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