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Re: Some interesting opinions

Originally posted by Bruce Baker
Before you emotionally respond, temper your words with the thought. They should be instructive.

You should respond as if you wanted someone to instruct you/ give you new information to correct errors or learn from.
Personally, I never like it when people try to instruct me in a public forum like this. Conversely, I wouldn't presume to try to teach any of the folks here on the AikiWeb Forums things about aikido and other martial arts, especially as some of them have more years of martial experience than I do of breathing. People like Chuck Clark, Peter Goldsbury, Chuck Gordon, George Ledyard, and many others have probably quite literally forgotten more about aikido than I've personally learned up to this point.

Rather, I try to come here with the feeling of sharing my thoughts, experiences, and opinions. And personally (especially in these trying times across the world), I hope so will everyone else here.

Thanks, folks, for being here.

-- Jun

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