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Bruce Baker
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Some interesting opinions

Hey Chuck,

You and I have some pretty heated differences of opinion, thoughts on what we have learned and some terrible misconceptions about each other.

I may bring up some dark subjects, but I have no evil thoughts, intents, or dark agenga ... as some thread writers have alluded to. I try to consider the best of all things while understanding the obsticles.

I know that the very nature of peoples lives, the attempt to be individuals different from their parents or people they themselves disapprove of, lead to opinionated ideas that don't consider other avenues of thought, experience, or lessons valid outside their own lives. Hence, I only give in to educated information, and not sentences picked apart word by word without considering the meaning of the entire text?

Sometimes, The emotional response is the child we once knew returning to our adult selves?

Point being ....

Do yourself a favor and go back to reread your format of comments, entire threads, and find if it was comedy, youthful rebellion, or just plain off the hip emotion (many times I find my Meniere's is more a factor than not of first draft text) that is your response to something you do not like or agree with?

I too, can not relate to those sicker than I/with other ilnesses except when I am sicker than I have ever been before. So too, we all think that others who list their problems request sympathy, when all that is required is understanding that they attempt to control problems beyond what normal people have. More so, the insults and lauding text of superior intellect merely create more hard feelings.

I was merely trying to find a way to level the word playing field. (Japanese being a foreign language translated to and from English by my minds base understanding) I wish to bring home the point of all students being equal in information exchange, experience being the personal journey of each practitioner, no matter what their level of experience.

If the importance of being a peer of different people posting on threads is your concern, i.e... spending X number of years with X number of years within X number of teachers within your knowledge is the measure of a person, then we indeed are forming a monarchy or caste system within the confines of American society. I didn't think this was a game of I did this, and I am to be bowed to and worshiped? That would mean an informal monarchy, which the informal tone of certain posts certainly suggest with personal messages being written entirely different to higher ranked teachers within different Aikido organizations? Some thread posts lean in this direction as the insults change to praise for other teachers who are personally known to each other?

Hell, most teachers would rather be called by first name off the mat, out of the Dojo?

I thought we were all human beings just trying to do the best we could with what little brains we have?

I am sorry for any inferred tones to your posts, but the abject criticism of return responses can not make an old dog learn new tricks, but I have found, the old dog will teach himself what new tricks they need to get about.

As for others who read these threads.

Before you emotionally respond, temper your words with the thought. They should be instructive.

You should respond as if you wanted someone to instruct you/ give you new information to correct errors or learn from.

The human body has its own mechanisms that respond to illness, stress, and emotional responses, sometimes we have clarity of mind to understand and control them, sometimes they control us. I have fought this deterioration for a long time on many levels, damn firsthand experience sucks, but there it is.

I know that teaching/being a teacher can put you into a frame of mind that forgets the mind of beginner, who must prove and reprove what they are given before they believe it is something new that works. Let us never forget to always be beginners, questioning, learning, and finding new things to be proved and reproved until they are like old friends?

I have had almost two years to reflect upon who I was in a full time active life verses who I have become. If that is what it takes for me, what will it take to you and others to change? More? Less?

Enjoy who you are right now, it will change as time goes by.

As we say at the end of the day in the boat business, "NOTHING a good hangover couldn't cure!"

I gotta go back to smoking cigars and drinking flaming shots 181 rum. I am getting too soft in my old age.

See you down the road.
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