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"A student in the middle"
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Angry Re: In need of an Aikido magic bullet

I am a student from the dojo that is being talked about, consider me a student squeezed the middle. I am in my 30s andhave been training in the dojo, I am a yudansha. Me and several other students have been following this intimately since it pertains to us. Now I want to speak about it, as I really unhappy and want to walk out of the dojo.

The situation is a freaking mess, and tensions are high. With due respect to Sensei his is being a pain about the whole thing. He got an attitude when this new student started. The new student, well it isn't his fault. He has straight up with everyone since he started, no complaints. We have never seen our Sensei act this way before, it has upset alot of us with his jealousy.

Many of us don't care if the new student leaves or stays, but what then? We have to deal with Sensei. Is he going to get jealous and act poorly to me now? Yea, you can say it's Sensei's dojo. But isn't the new guy his student too. Doesn't Sensei have a responsibility to him to the rest of us. He is the leader, he is suppose to have a moral code and to model it. I think Sensei is being an aiki-hyocrite, and handling the whole situation the wrong way! Very un-aikido like.

What about the other students who liked the new student and befriended him. Will they be outcasts? Will Sensei treat them like trash because he thinks they betrayed him? The students that sided with Sensei will be patted on the head like loyal minons. What about the rest of us who are stuck in the middle, will we be forced out because we didn't choose the right side.

Yes, it is great to hold to tradition and protocal and say it is Sensei's dojo, but Sensei has an obligation to his students doesn't he?

The issue is complicated, it really isn't about one student, it is about all of us.
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