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Angela Dunn
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Re: In need of an Aikido magic bullet

The way I read it is that even if your friend does leave there will still be that situation in the dojo the next time someone else comes along who can seemingly do a technique better than the Sensei, so that should not impact on his decision, the students in the class will make their minds up about the situation on the dojo.If there is fractions then they will still be there if he leaves or not, dojo implosion is in motion as it where as the Sensei involved should not have let the situation happen in the first place.

Your friend has to do whats best for him, however if there is a situation where it appears that the Sensei and him can not get on and it is impacting on the quality of the training he is recieving he has to think about whats best for him. It appears that this Sensei has a slight ego problem and if your friend has tried to talk to him about it and it has not helped their is not much else he can do. Short of is their another person in the dojo or organisation he can discuss this with and get their advice and opinion on the matter?
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