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Steve Morabito
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O-sensei quotes in the Original Japanese

I'm taking japanese caligraphy lessons with a japanese teacher for about seven months. I want her to begin to teach me to write and speak some of O-Sensei's quotes, poems, and writings, such as those found in the "Art of Peace" collection by Stevens. My teacher could certainly translate that book from english to Japanese, but I would rather have those words in the original Japanese as O-Sensei wrote them or spoke them. If I ordered that book (The Art of Peace) in the Japanese edition, would it be a Japanese translation of Steven's English translation of O-Sensei's words? Or would it be O-Sensei's original Japanese words (this is what I would ultimately like). I guess the all other publications by O-Sensei were written by him in Japanese, so I could get the original Japanese editions of those. But the question about the "Art of Peace" book remains.
Thanks in advance for your attempt at answering this strange question.
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