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Sacrifice Throws/Stemmi in Aikido

I am interested in peoples views on the benefits and disadvantages of Sacrifice Throws/Stemmi's in Aikido.

Having visited different dojos and also training with jujitsu practitioners, I notice the use of sacrifice throws. I've noticed that the Yoseikan Aikidoka that I've trained with have trained in Sacrifice throws on a regular basis.

At the aikikai dojos that I train at we dont train in sacrifice throws. From what I practiced and seen, it seems from Nage's perspective that a significant amount of blending and movement is required. Also from Uke's perspective, the attack must be sincere and the ukemi must be of a high standard.

This got me thinking...does sacrifice throws provide an excellent opportunity to train in blending and for uke to practice their ukemi?

Are there any other aikidoka that train sacrifice throws on a regular basis?

What benefits do you gain from it?

Are there any limitations or disadvantages that you see?

When should sacrifice throws be introduced in terms of the level of an aikidokas experience?

Anyone got any thoughts on this?

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