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Re: In need of an Aikido magic bullet

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...My requirements also required a friendly knowledgeable and skilled instructor, without a huge ego and insecurity....The class is now very polarized, and very political. I don't have experience with Aikido dojos, nor feel it is my place to resolve the issue, any magic Aikido bullets to keep the dojo from destroying itself? Granted I know how to resolve the issues in a non-Aikido way, but I want to first see if there is an Aikido fix.
It sounds like this dojo no longer fulfills your initial requirements.

You wrote that you wanted to do aikido as your second martial art. While most people like to believe other martial training could imprint incorrect movements, the fact is that the founder's students started in another martial art. They did alright and there is no reason to believe you can't. It is probably that previous training that the other students detected.

There are no magic aikido bullets. You need to bite this one and leave.

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