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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

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Arguably (depending on who you talk to) there may also be technical differences now, particularly with the folks who are focusing on bjj's application in the mma/submission wrestling sphere. Eddie Bravo's "rubber guard" comes to mind.


Paw, you need to get your butt over to the Geekground and answer my Cyttorak question, seeing Skarhead is AWOL

Yes, that's pretty much my feeling too.

Some very nice judo groundwork, in demo mode

Some very nice BJJ groundwork, in demo mode

There are much better examples on youtube, but I think this gives the flavour. Judo's newaza - AFAIK - is designed to flow on from a throw, break and arm, choke or pin an man, and end. Quickly. Prolonged ground battles were not the original intent?


Holmes wrote a good article on it that you might remember

Like I said, horses for courses. But they are palpably different if you've tried both. Not to say that skills in one don't translate to the other - or to aikido.

Fooks is a good guy to talk about that, as he's Yudanshaka is aikido, blue (purple by now, surely?) in BJJ under John Will (awesome jits) and also has done some judo in his time (IIRC).

There was a fun thread on RMA recently re: BJJ or Judo for SD that may be of merit too re: differences

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