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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

Darin Hyde wrote: View Post
I did learn the basic judo throws, chokes, locks and drills you see in Mochizuki's book however Yosh was a stickler for basics so we didn't venture out too far from kihon. I know he taught judo at UWA to the state team so he probably taught kids judo too. I just never heard about it.
Interesting, we do all of the hip throws (O'Goshi, Uki Goshi, Harai Goshi, Hane Goshi etc) and like I said, Sensei Hans says he teaches us what he learnt from Yoshi.

Darin Hyde wrote: View Post
Thing is although we had the karate, kenjutusu and judo elements in aikido we never really concentrated on any one of them for too long. It was always aikido. So I did separate classes in Yoseikan karate kobudo and iaido. Unfortunately at that time Yosh wasn't teaching judo as I would have signed up for that one too.
I think this was probably because this is what Jan wanted. Hence this is what Yoshi's students wanted. I mean Branco is a big competition karate person, so I don't imagine he isn't a huge fan of Aikido. Similar to what you said about Roy.

I think this is one of the reasons I can walk into a judo dojo and fit it, were as they will heckle some other Aikido people. My experience was that they basically said see if what you do works.

Hence the reason I think this sort of judo cross training would help with an encounter with a BJJer.


Graham Wild
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