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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

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I run a Yoseikan training group. I have had way too many students, up to 16 on Tuesday, so I have not put any new flyers up. Last year I had 6, and then all of a sudden after a year (literally) it jumped up to 14! I say literally a year, as the Tuesday before was our 1 year celebration.

Where are you guys training - at the sport and rec building? I might pop my head in and say hi.

Morcombe (state BJJ champion and IIRC purple belt) is also at ECU joondalup. There's quite a few MMA guys there too.

One of the lecturers in the Sports Science dept is a former Olympic level judoka too.

Small world.

PM seeing you're online - I have question to ask you
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