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Re: Knee Injury

Originally posted by Doug Mathieu I have been training for 11 years, am a Shodan and am 43 years old.[/b]
I'm 43, too. My knees started bothering me a while ago, too. The only acute injury I can recall was a wayward roundhouse kick torquing the joint wrong. I ignored it at the time (I was about 14).

I'd 1) talk to a doctor, 2) factor in age, 3) get myself a knee brace (Ace brand is what I use and it's quite good), 4) start taking glucosamine. (Consumer Reports did a study of brands and found that one of the cheapest, Walmart's of all brands!, also had the content of what was promised on the label (some had but 60% of the active ingredients).

I hope your doctor has good news for you.

Don J. Modesto
St. Petersburg, Florida
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