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Re: Pointless techniques

Originally posted by bujin
Are there any techniques which you consider totaly useless in a fight?
I would say that majority of kokyu nage techniques are pure lŽart pour lŽart.
In my own inquiries, I always come back to the idea that "MY aikido doesn't work (rather than AIKIDO").

I agree with other posters that KOKYU NAGE can be very effective. Watch Saotome in randori on The Principles of Aikido video. The KOKYU NAGE where you enter TSUKI with UKE running into your extended arm seems not only effective to me, but brutally so. One fellow in my current dojo gives away fifty pounds when training with me, but throws me exquisitely with a Kanai style KOKYU over the knee.

I'm inclined toward gross motor movement techniques anyway. This is probably due to my being 1) 6'1, 200 lbs, and 2) a klutz. My backup techniques--i.e., stuff I use in HENKA to compensate for a flub--involve hugging a lot: Hugging a wrist for HIJI NAGE; turning over the wrist and hugging it with the other arm for ROKKYO; hugging someone and bending over for KOSHI; hugging them the other way for AIKI OTOSHI...

I can't seem to make nikyo, sankyo, yonkyo, or shiho nage work in a pinch. But I don't gainsay the techniques themselves. I still have strong memories of the intense ex-Marine, Miami cop we had who could wrap you into a sankyo in the time it took others to jab.

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