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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

Interesting conversation!

I think alot of this, as everything in life, depends on how you define success and failure.

I think too many times we assume that everyone defines it the same and that there is only one set of values or criteria to judge success and failure on.

I think with martial type training we tend to want to draw a conclusion on success and failure based on a "would you have lived or died, or suffered a severe injury.

Sort of a black or white criteria, or duality so to speak....

I find this quite ironic since this is the very thing that budo really seeks to eliminate or to at least reach a deeper understanding of.

...yet we all feel compelled to judge ourselves and others martial ability and effectiveness against some criteria that we some how established based on ....what?

Our perception of how well we do...however we self define it!

In a competitive environment we do have criteria to judge things like judo and BJJ tournaments were we determine winners and losers of the matches on that established critieria.

That said, I don't really think that anyone I compete with in BJJ really cares or takes it too seriously macroscopically.

I just think of the 75 plus year old man that I saw from Sweden in January and the Europeans that got out there and rolled with the rest of us! I think everyone considered him a winner just for having the desire and the joy of life to actually be out there doing it!

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