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Basia Halliop
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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

The topic of sport or not sport training is highly subjective. To me a sport leads to a competition. A competition leads to a winner. A winner requires a loser. There is nothing mutually beneficial in this situation.
Well, that implies you think there is nothing beneficial to losing. If 'losing' means no longer having training available (i.e., if you had to auditione for it or if poor 'performers' get kicked out or get lesser quality training), that's one thing, but if it means 'you don't get to complete the technique you wanted to complete, and instead you have to tap out', or 'you don't get this particular rank today' that's pretty different. That may or may not teach you a lot, depending on the circumstances (I mean if it's too far over your head it might not be helpful, but if it's right at the right level it can teach you plenty).

I think with the right teacher everyone can succeed.
Succeed to the same level when compared to each other student, though? (I don't think every human being on earth has it in them to be a 7th dan, unless we arbitrarily change the defnition of 7th dan to include them. The same goes for any rank, unless the ranks are given for effort instead of achievement, which makes them something quite different). Or succeed relative to their own goals and abilities, in the sense that each student should get better in some way with time?
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