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Joyce Lunas
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Re: Good Hakama Gone Bad

Well, my sensei wears a traditional black hakama with some yellow cotton sewn ideogramms attached to the right (if memory serves) side of his hip. I think he once told me this is either his name in japanese or somewhat of a distinction from his own jp sensei. Other yudanshas at our dojo wear either black or deep blue hakamas.

To be honest i agree with Tim's opinion concerning the belief "what's the rush?" This IS a zen practice down to the core of it, right? There certainly EXISTS some spirituality in this martial art and i absolutely agree with this. I even spend some serious leisure time of my own reading and contemplating about ideas like this -nor to mention the entire eastern philosophy and points of view ppl have over there, which i totally respect.

Now, some of the experiences some of you had are really amusing and i laughed too, but i have to say that when the time comes i'll be receiving my own hakama i'd love it if it came in purple or forest green! ;-)

But seriously, a person's techniques' efficiency, character or stance towards his/hers "dojo-mates" and the art itself has nothing to do with some garment's colour. However, i stand by tradition and vote for black, only because i wish to show the art the proper respect i hopefully dream it will show me in the long run. What's that they say? "What you give, you take?"

Sorry for the blathering, it really has been a good while since i replied to this forum and my enthusiasm both for the art and the opinions exhibited here still runs high!

A humble 5th kyu,
Love and understanding ppl, that's what's been missing lately...

C u around,
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