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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

Okay, my lack of wanting to say I can handle a trained BJJ is only from a lack of ego. I did say I easily handled a black belt in judo, and I will add that I also handled the brown belt that was in the same class, who was training for the sole purpose of competing. My ne waza randori against him resulted in me doing things that were not allowed in judo (to his feet and hands) hence we had to break and start again.

My awareness of BJJ techniques and training does enable me to gage my ability against them. If I say, "I don't know," someone like you says "you don't know about your training and awareness, hence you training is useless". If I say, "yes," someone, maybe you, will say, "you are delusional and your Aikido would neve work against someone who does BJJ." Hence the reason I gave you a situation where it would definitely work (8 year old, old person, druggy), and one were I know it won't at my level (a trained octagon fighter). What's in the middle is for me to worry about, and if and when it happens, I will let you know how I go.

I have learnt that questioning things that great people tell you is important. But ultimately if they are indeed great, they are probably right. I mean how many time do parents tell their kids "drugs are bad." Then the kids go do drugs and have fun, then later they think, "those days I was doing drugs really didn't help me, I guess drugs are bad." However, blindly following fools is much worse then questioning great people.

With the BJJ thing I said if you want to beat a BJJer, train to knock him out fast. Then I said I train to fight him on the floor. But this does not make completely avoiding the attack any less important.

I expect to use my art against the lowest common denominator, as that is what I should expect. But the fact is I train with people at my level who completely resist, so I am practicing to do Aikido to them! Through Yoseikan they are trained in karate judo and aikido. They are not the lowest common denominator.

I never admitted that my training was in effective, you have interpreted my comments to suit yourself. I know what I can do, and most importantly I know I don't what to have to use it. Because I pity the fool who ties to hurt my family, because then I will know what I can really do. "In Aikido we learn to kill, but chose not to," Chiba Shihan (or was it Abbe?)

The mentality developed in pure sports training has the potential to easily become mindless. Hence awareness will not be developed. Instead, mindless reactions will be developed. This is why some people fall for the feints of a smart fighter. This is what I have observed in my sword sparring, which is full contact with padded shinai.

BTW, challenging the findings of those who came before us is not the scientific method.


Graham Wild
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