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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

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As for techniques, according to the source (O'Sensei), "In combat Aikido is 90% atemi." So at the moment of contact a properly placed atemi should be sufficient. This may sound naive, but I am not talking about just trying to hit the person, remember I said you must have mindful consistent hard training to develop awareness. With superior awareness, you can defeat any opponent. A solid strike to the side of the chin is the proven way to knock someone out with atemi.
I think what you are asking is stated in this, you train atemi, you use atemi. What is difficult to understand about that?

Graham Wild wrote: View Post
Alternatively you could do what we do in Yoseikan, and train in grappling. Personal, I like the fact that O'Sensei didn't have to do this, so this is what I want to achieve.
Like I said, I will go to the ground with the grappler, because I can hit him, but my awareness is not good enough to make sure I hit the "button" first time every time. I do believe that with consistent hard mindful training that you can develop the awareness required to do this.


Graham Wild
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