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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

Ok, I'm talking about developing the ability to punch someone in the face when they are trying to hurt you. You can be aware of the fist all you want, but without the proper techniques to defend the against it and hit back with your own, you are going to make grave mistakes.

So you were talking about punching a attacker to take them out. I was asking what training methods explicitly do you employ to develop this skill.

This adds to the discussion, talking about being aware the person is going to hit you is obvious. But it doesn't solve the problem at hand. This is why it is evasive. I'm not doubting your training, I'm trying to understand what you do and how it applies to your position.

If someone asked me to explain how I drill to pass the guard, which would be a better answer to help them understand what I do.

"I examine the world around me, breathing in the universe I move with mindfulness, carefully aware of my surroundings causing a purposeful guard pass and brining unity to the world."


"First, I secure a strong base and posture. I do this by looking upwards, lowering my hips and widening my base by increasing the distance between my knees. Next I use my arms to control his hips by grasping his pants near the hips and keeping my elbows tight to the insides of his legs. Now I am careful to examine his position and posture waiting for a motion that will allow the pass. At some point he will grab a hand and I will have anticipated this and I will trap this hand. Now I will stand on that side and leaning my weight over his trapped side stand with the other leg. I will be carefully aware of his hips and pull on his arm and use my knees to trap his hips from dropping. Now I will take my free arm and press firmly on his leg to open the guard, I will follow down and drive my leg over his now open leg carefully keeping it pinned between my knee and foot. I will also keep my other foot firmly on the ground with the knee pointed up to control his other side. Now I will wait and anticipate the escape. At this point I will use a whole body movement to throw my leg around while keeping his leg pinned with my other leg. Finally after securing side control I will remove the pinned leg. You can practice this with a few static reps, followed by increasing resistance, followed by sparing sessions where passing the guard is your only goal, your opponent wants to sweep or submit you. During the static rep portion, it is important to break each moment down into its core parts, then increase fluidity as resistance increases. Sparing should be done in 1 minute intervals with switching between rounds. 1 round on top, one round on bottom, one round out to rest."

I know which one tells me more about how the person trains, and which is vague.

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